289 the bag that makes life easy!

Posted by jeunesse 18/08/2016 0 Comment(s)

289 is a new, functional and contemporary handbags brand. 289 is born by the creative mind of Sara Giunti, a young talented fashion designer based in Rome who gave life also to L’ED Emotion Design by Sara Giunti, a Made in Italy luxury brand. 289 main features is the sophisticated texture which draws inspiration by the ancient Japanese seals, protagonists of the Art Nouveau during the Twenties. Papyrus fan and lotus flowers have been recalled through natural shapes and then repeated in an original sequence creating a dynamic and modern optical pattern. 289 is comfort: big and spacious bags, designed to follow you in every moment of the day.

289 is functionality and technology too: thanks to the Bluetooth® technology you have the chance to connect your smartphone with the 289 bag and get a vibration signal directly on the handle for each notification received on your smartphone! The 289 handbags are also provided with a LED strip inside that can be turn on whenever you want to find something into your bag.289 is designed for those who are looking for an innovative and trendy bag with the power of making the everyday life easier.




The 289 have an electronic system that allows additional functionality to its common use. Connecting via Bluetooth 4.0 the 289 Bag to your Smartphone, a vibration of the handle will announce notifications and incoming calls. With internal button on the bag logo you can activate a lighting system that allows you to quickly find the objects. Thanks to the app '289 Bag' for iOS and Android devices you can control and activate functionality of the bag, check the connection status and the remaining battery charge, after which it will be possible to recharge it. Bluetooth Smart have very low power consumption technology. Smartphone compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Devices iOS version 7.0 or higher, and Android 4.3 or better systems.