Stella McCartney, the company's eco-friendly.

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Stella McCartney is the first and only brand of vegetarian luxury in the world. In the collections of Stella it will be impossible to find garments and accessories made of leather or animal glues. All the perfumes Stella McCartney have ingredients tested on animals or animal production, including bees, because the philosophy of the company thinks that no animal should lose their lives or suffer because of fashion.


All collections Ready to Wear, shoes and bags are produced in Europe and Italy is the most important country for the supply of raw materials and production. For the company it is important that all workers of the brand are free from exploitation and discrimination, working in conditions of freedom, security and fairness.


Falabella bag by Stella McCartney is a small example of a product entirely eco-sustainable, launched in 2010 is among the best selling accessories by the designer. The bag is made with highly qualified manufacturing techniques, without the use of leather or materials that involve the use of cruel methods to animals. The inner lining is made from recycled plastic bottles. A focused commitment to the protection of animals and the creation of an eco-friendly fashion.


The company does not base its choices on environmental sustainability only on the use of environmentally friendly materials, but goes well beyond, the global commitment is 360 degrees, the productions are related to wind energy and since 2010 the total absence of PVC by products and thousands of other small steps that can make a company more responsible and environmentally conscious. For each item of clothing created, the store opened and realized product, the entire team of Stella continues to worry about the impact that we all produce on the planet.


Stella McCartney and entire team of the fashion house believe that environmental sustainability means thinking about the future, not only to the future of design, but also to that of the planet in which we live. Try to help to create a new perception of the people towards eco-fashion, and it is important that sustainability can be expressed in clothing and beautiful and modern.