Shipping information

Shipping cost

Jeunesse is a boutique, based in Pescara, designed to bring online care and assistance typical only of the best boutiques of confidence in their city. For most domestic and international destinations, Jeunesse is able to deliver every purchase in 24/48 hours from the time of order and payment received.

The costs per shipment in Italy and around the world are shown in the following table.


Italy                              € 8 (Free Shipping for order over 100€ only Italy)

United Kingdom             € 30

Europe                          € 30

Switzerland                    € 30

Russian                         € 55

US, Canada                   € 60

Central America              € 60

South America                € 60

Asia                               € 60

Australia                         € 70 

Oceania                          € 75

Africa                             € 60

Hong Kong                      € 45


The shipping cost will be displayed during the purchase process next to the price of the product or products purchased in the order.


Possible taxes and customs fees to be charged are automatically calculated according to the country from which the customer accesses the site or to a different country of destination that can be freely selected. Based on the price of the selected destination will be displayed VAT included for all countries of the EU, while include customs duties and taxes on the sale of the country of destination for all countries for which is expected to ship DDP. In many countries, shipments are made Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), for which sales taxes and import duties are already included in the product price. If you select a destination Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU), the price of the product shown does not include taxes and customs duties that will be charged to the customer. Countries with forecasted shipment DDP:









For all other countries, the shipment will be DDU. Russian customs will require the import duties on the basis of the total value of goods imported by a single customer in a month, even if you buy separate orders and in different online store.